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Week 4 Fantasy Football Advice

By David Hirschhorn in Sports


Seahawks Tight End

The first three weeks of the NFL and Fantasy Football season have concluded. Now that the first three weeks are over, we can start to notice trends and see the outlook for all 32 teams.

There have already been some major injuries and I’m sure some fantasy owners have been scrambling for replacements. I’m talking to you Keenan Allen, Adrian Peterson, and Danny Woodhead owners!

Well, have no fear because I am here to help you out! The waiver wire is filled with potential superstars that can help you win your league. All of the players I will talk about are guys that are owned in less than 50% of ESPN Standard Leagues.




Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (42.8%)

Dak Prescott has a very bright future in the NFL, but right now he is a rookie adjusting to the pro game.

Prescott has been good so far but he is a real target this week if you need a QB.

After lighting up the Bears, he will go up against the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have a horrendous defense to remind you. Dak Prescott put up a solid performance against the Bears and will do it again against the 49ers.

If you have Aaron Rodgers or want someone to stream this week, Prescott against the 49ers is a great matchup so pick up Dak Prescott and you will reap the rewards.

“He places the ball really well, said language arts teacher JohnMichael Thistle “He places it better than most rookies.”


Trevor Siemian, Denver Broncos (4.7%)

When you light up a solid Cincinnati Bengals defense for 312 yards and 4 TD’s you need to get some attention.

I have heard some students compare Trevor Siemian to Tom Brady. Siemian has really progressed in three weeks and he really showed that he can be a solid NFL and fantasy QB.

I want Siemian as a starting QB this week when he goes up against a weak Tampa Bay Buccaneers that let the Los Angeles Rams hang around.

The Buccaneers have the worst defense in the league so far and have allowed the most points of any defense. Siemian has a ton of weapons to utilize and could be a really solid QB against the Buccaneers this week.

Mr. Thistle said in comment about Siemian “There are a lot of guys I’d pick up before him but he’s got the potential.” Mr. Thistle seems a little hesitant about Siemian this week so if you need a QB, he believes that Prescott is the better option of the two.


Running Backs


Kenneth Dixon, Baltimore Ravens (14.2%)

If you have suffered injuries to your running backs and need a guy to save your depleted running back core, Kenneth Dixon might be your guy.

I have been a huge fan of Dixon since the minute I watched his highlight tape from college on YouTube. Dixon is an electric player. He is a true game-changer and the Ravens need a guy to emerge for them in the backfield.

He is coming back from an injury that held him out of all regular season action this season. In the preseason, he looked very promising when he played.

Dixon is owned in a small portion of leagues right now, but he will be one of the biggest waiver steals this year. Do yourself a favor and better your chances of winning your league with the addition of Kenneth Dixon to your team.


Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles (49.3%)

Darren Sproles was one of the guys that Mr. Thistle hates that he loves him. Mr. Thistle said he has been burned by Sproles in the past but Sproles is playing so well as a receiving running back that he is a must-own.

“He is good value for nothing” said Mr. Thistle when talking about Sproles.

Personally, I don’t really crave any member of the Eagles backfield regardless of whether it is Ryan Matthews, Darren Sproles, or Wendell Smallwood. I think they are just going use the back with the hot hand so for me, Sproles is the guy to own of any of them.


Wide Receivers


Terrelle Pryor, Cleveland Browns (28.0%)

Both Mr. Thistle and I agree that Terrelle Pryor is an excellent pick because he right now is playing QB, RB, WR, and some safety as well. Pryor is becoming a jack of all trades and he could once again be very solid this week.

In my opinion, Pryor is a must-own. Pryor is a true jack-of-all-trades player and if he plays QB, he is able to throw passes and gain points as a QB. That means if you are in a one QB league, you can start two QB’s which is a HUGE advantage! Do yourself a favor and pick up Terrelle Pryor.


Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins (11.2%)

Jamison Crowder has been playing out of his mind lately. He’s been balling out lately as he caught TD’s in back-to-back games.

Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson are not the youngest guys. The Redskins know that the receivers they are going with for the future are Crowder and Josh Doctson.

Crowder is getting the targets game-by-game and has found a groove with “You Like That” Cousins. Crowder is a guy you can start this week because he plays the Browns.


Tight Ends


Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings (40.7%)

Kyle Rudolph is already emerging as Sam Bradford’s top target on the Vikings. Rudolph is the #2 Tight End right now in Standard Scoring formats.

Rudolph has caught back-to-back TD’s and TD’s make your fantasy team so much better as we all know. He is becoming a red zone monster and now should be started every week.


Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks (65.6%)

I know this is an exception to the 50% rule but Graham is available in 35% of leagues, so this is a public service announcement that if Graham is available in your league, you should pick him up.

Graham was once the top tight end in the game and is now finding his groove again in Seattle.

Graham needs to be owned especially if you have had tight end problems like dealing with the Rob Gronkowski mess. The bottom line is that Jimmy Graham is really good and can help you a lot.


Some of the guys recommended are just me, some just Mr. Thistle, and some are recommended from both of us. Don’t worry, Mr. Thistle has been rocking his season so far as he is 3-0.  I have won my leagues multiple times so I am a reliable source as well. If you have a void or are dealing with injuries or struggling players, these guys are quick fixes that can really help you out.

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