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What Happened to Ronn and Jeff?

By Molly Box in Student News


Photo by Ann Yu

Ronn Saleem and Jeff Jones are an integral part of our community, conversing with students and greeting Knights at the door. When they suddenly disappeared, students noticed.  

Due to lack of information and warning, rumors manifested into theories as to why the two have been absent.

Some students believe that they were fired for unknown reasons, others that the flu had overcome them both, and some believe that they had discovered misconduct within administration and took their leave in response.

This alleged scandal the pair supposedly discovered was that prominent members of administration had been pocketing profits from the sale of senior parking passes. 

Principal Don Stensrud commented on the rumors, explaining that such malpractice would be nearly impossible with the current budgeting system.

“We are audited every year,” said Stensrud. “All the money has to be accounted for.”

The school’s finances, which are regulated by both the treasurer and the school district, incorporate a “severe amount of checks and balances,” said Stensrud.

“You can’t really embezzle any money. If any of us stole money and got caught we’d all get fired,” said Stensrud. “There’s not enough money in the school that’s worth losing your job for.”

Though embezzlement and fraud is most likely not the reason behind Saleem’s and Jones’s disappearance, the flu isn’t to blame either.

“It’s a personnel matter. They should be returning soon. Legally that’s all I can say,” said Stensrud.

A personnel issue is the term used whenever human resources is involved in a professional setting.

“It’s not necessarily a disciplinary matter,” said Stensrud.

Students have complained about the lack of information, but the confidentiality protects all parties involved.

Stensrud could neither confirm nor deny what persuaded human resources to intervene.

“It’s better for everyone to be protected, before reputations become ruined,” said Stensrud.

Though the absence has lasted longer than students have hoped, Stensrud confirmed that they have not been terminated and will be returning soon.

“No,” said Stensrud. “They weren’t fired.”

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