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What to Do Now That Prom Is Over

By Owyn Cooper in Humor

Prom season is finally (FINALLY) over. But what does that mean for you?

  1. More food

No more dieting to fit into your prom attire! You can now eat a whole pizza, a carton of ice cream, and salty french fries in one sitting without feeling guilty! Don’t bother using this power for good. Eat everything in sight. Relish in your freedom.

  1. No more pretending you know what the lingo is

What’s a corsage? Danged if you or I know. And now you’ll never hear that weird word again. Well, until next prom season, that is.

  1. You get to keep your money!

Prom is expensive. Now you can spend money on what you actually want to. Like the aforementioned food. Instead of tickets, outfits, and fancy food.

  1. No more prom talk

By the 25th of April, if I heard the words “my dress is going to be…” one more time I was going to dunk my head into the sand like an ostrich. Since the season has passed, I shall live in bliss.

  1. More free time

All the time you spent fretting about your date and your outfit and your dinner plans and who’s buying the limo and who’s going to pay for who is OVER. You can now catch up on your homework. And by homework I mean Netflix.

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