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Why the media love to talk Tim Tebow

By Alec Pronk in Sports

Why does Tim Tebow matter? Why is he the only reason the Broncos make ESPN? Why is his every word and move analyzed more than just any player in the league?

Well, there are many reasons, but how Tim Tebow created the perfect storm to become a media sensation is beyond me.  The first reason that allowed Tebow to get to where he is the fact that he was undeniably a winner at Florida. His Heisman trophy and two national championships speak for themselves.  But Cam Newton won a Heisman and a national championsip at Auburn, and he was the number 1 overall pick in last year’s draft: why doesn’t he receive a comparable amount of coverage?

The answer is religion. There is no doubting that religion has a certain aura in our society, and Tebow’s faith has catapulted him into football super-stardom. The media talk about him because he is held by some as almost a cult hero. People see him as a righteous man because he wears his religion on his sleeve in a sport where many see athletes as barbarians.

This notion really rubs me the wrong way.  The idea that Tebow has a better attitude or is more deserving of the starting job because he publicly discusses his religion is preposterous. Besides the fact that football is not the venue for religion, and eye black is no place for Bible verses (Tebow created much buzz by doing so at Florida), who is to say that Tebow is a better person than Kyle Orton?

Tebow is obviously winning over Coach John Fox with kind words, is currently listed as the second string quarterback, and is in a heated battle for that position with Brady Quinn. This article isn’t to say that Tebow can never start at quarterback (although I believe he would be better fit as a fullback, or used in some other capacity).

The point I’m trying to get across is that Christians shouldn’t look at Tim Tebow and hold him in a different regard on the football field because of his religion.  What he does on and off the football field should carry a distinctly different weight.

The whole Tim Tebow story is getting quite old. As I said before, he is the only reason anyone talks about the Broncos.  However, the reasons for which major media outlets cover the quarterback provide a fascinating insight into the psyche of our sports world.

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