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Windsor and Kronenberg take talents to Switzerland

By Paige Lindgren and Piper Salvator in Sports

Two of Fairview’s varsity soccer players, Eric Kronenberg and Bryan Windsor, traveled to Switzerland at the beginning of October to train with the Swiss National Team. While it was hard for them to miss school, they both valued their time there. This was the second trip to Switzerland for Windsor, as he participated in the 2010 Swiss Training program. This year he wanted to bring Kronenberg with him. Windsor’s grandfather is a good friend of the coach for the Swiss National Team, providing both Fairview players the opportunity to train in Switzerland. Located near the Italian border in Tenero, the facilities “were a beaut,” said Windsor. The food, on the other hand, was nothing to brag about. The boys ate bread and jelly eight days straight for breakfast, and lunch was mushroom ravioli. If there had to be a favorite food, it was meatloaf, but “the food was so gross, I’d rather starve,” said Windsor. There were approximately 450 athletes at training camp, but only 24 of these athletes were there to play soccer. They came from many different countries such as New Zealand, Canada, and Denmark. In their free time, the boys “played baseball and scaled mountains” according to Windsor and also “went on a four-hour hike that was awful” said Kronenberg. Girls were not a part of their free time, however, as many of them had “messed up teeth and moles,” witnessed Kronenberg. If the Head Coach for the Swiss National Team was impressed with either player, they will be called and offered a spot to play on the team in January. If this is the case, they will fly to Switzerland once a month to train. “No hard feelings if only one of us makes the team,” said Kronenberg. Both Kronenberg and Windsor plan to continuing playing soccer in college. Both athletes are in contact with Denver University and Kronenberg is also currently in contact with San Francisco University and Pennsylvannia State University while Windsor is in contact with The University of Akron, Harvard, and Princeton.

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