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Winter ball environment disappointing at best

By Matt Sparkman in Opinion & Politics

A wise Beyonce Knowles once said "if you liked it you should have put a ring on it."

Well, winter ball's ring finger remains as bare as the list of good movies that Rob Schneider has been in. That is to say, I didn't put a ring on it.

If student council continues to charge $20 per ticket, I'd hope that the overall quality of the dance improves.

I understand that student council saved money by getting a student to DJ the dance, but I don't think it's asking too much to be able to hear when I leave.

Instead, my ears were ringing as my friends and I left the student center, shaking my head at the music selection and volume.

The music selection was vague at best, as top-100 songs were played on occasion - only to be altered by the DJ. Many requested certain songs be played and were turned down, egotistically, as if the DJ knew what patrons wanted more than they did. This was just one of many examples where customers were treated like disgruntled inmates instead of guests.

Student council seemed to be more concerned with people (who payed the steep price to enter the dance) leaving and making sure they did not enter again than with controlling the quality of their product.

If a serious shift in focus isn't made by student council, I would seriously question spending my money on these "dances" any longer.

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