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Winter Olympics

By David Hirschhorn in Sports


The 2018 Winter Olympics have come to a close and they were great. Norway finished with the most amount of medals but the U.S. finished fourth. Students love the snow here at Fairview so there were a lot of passionate fans of the Winter Olympics.


My favorite events were the Ski and Snowboard Cross. I found that those were the most action-packed events. The fact that all competitors would race each other at the same time was cool.


My favorite athlete was Shaun White. I thought his tricks on the halfpipe were spectacular and that he did a good job of rebounding from his disappointing performance at the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Junior Niko Linder said, “The Olympics were pretty cool. It was a cool experience to witness. My favorite event was ice hockey because I play hockey and I love the game. It was cool to see such great athletes in action. It was especially interesting to see because the NHL banned players from participating in the Olympics. Despite this, it was terrific.”


Junior Ben Daecher said, “The Olympics were dope. My favorite event was the halfpipe because Shaun White is a god. The one thing I did not like was figure skating. It was just too boring for me. Overall though, the Olympics were dope.”


The 2018 Winter Olympics were a success. They were exciting and an awesome experience. The next edition of the Winter Olympics will occur in four years in 2022.

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