Texting Etiquette: How to Text Without Looking Like a Dolt

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Stop being such a dolt!!

Shoshana Pollack, Matthew Eckl, Staff Reporter, Guest Writer

  • Don’t say k

This is the most obnoxious thing you can possibly do. Even worse? Responding with kk. Just don’t do it.

  • Don’t wait to long to text back, even if it took them along time.

There are some exceptions to this rule. If they’re consistently taking their merry time, it is okay to postpone your responses.

  • Don’t be that person who always takes an hour to text back.

Newsflash- you are not that interesting. No one’s gonna wait around that long for you.

  • If you’re texting at night, the person who falls asleep is responsible for texting back the next morning.

This is especially applicable if you’re in a relationship.

  • Dnt txt lyk d1s

ur nt c00l, you’re linguistically inept.

  • However you may still use informal language.

You are not composing your college dissertation.

  • Don’t send text messages twice.

Trust me. The message sent. They may be in the bathroom, talking to a parent, in a movie, or just don’t like you.

  • Embrace Auto-Correct

Don’t fight it- it can be funny!

  • If they ask more than one question, answer all of them.

It’s so annoying to have to resend each question individually. On the same note, try not to ask more than two questions.

  • Last but not least, DO NOT have a signature.

I know who you are! I’m texting you. You don’t need to remind me with constant hearts and smiley faces! ~SUNSH1n3~

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