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Arshan Aidun

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Stories by Arshan:

The Stormlight Archives: Book Review

Arshan Aidun | Feb 5 2018 | in Arts & Culture


The Stormlight Archives are a series of fantasy novels written by Brandon Sanderson. The novels are called “The Way of Kings,&rdqu...

"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" Review

Arshan Aidun | Dec 5 2017 | in Arts & Culture


Warning: May Contain Spoilers “Kingsman The Golden Circle” is a fantastic movie because it’s action ...

"The Fate of the Furious" Review

Ryan Swerdlin and Arshan Aidun | May 10 2017 | in Arts & Culture


As everyone knows, the new “The Fate of the Furious” movie is in theatres and follows the adventures of our favorite crime f...

"Logan" Review

Ryan Swerdlin and Arshan Aidun | May 9 2017 | in Arts & Culture


The final installment of the classic Marvel series Wolverine ended in  spectacular fashion. “Logan” is not only the bes...

RIP Club Penguin

Arshan Aidun and Ryan Swerdlin | May 1 2017 | in Humor


There comes a time in everyone’s life when someone they love passes on to a better afterlife. Not this time; this time it went to ...

Parking and Weather

Arshan Aidun | Apr 12 2017 | in Student News

The past couple of weeks have been very snowy, icy, windy, and dusty. The result? Traffic on the way to school, and back, plus, the sno...

Addicting Games

Arshan Aidun and Cormac Dowling | Mar 6 2017 | in Arts & Culture


Angry Birds- This game about launching various birds from a slingshot, to knock down structures and kill green pigs us...