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Ben Gelderloos - Alumnus

Preview: Letter From the Editors

Laura Brack, Sara McCrea and Ben Gelderloos | Apr 4 2017 | in Opinion & Politics

Rich. Privileged. White. Subaru-owner. Most of us have heard this stereotype that supposedly defines Fairview. Yet these words can not d...

Clique Culture

Patrick Stachniak and Ben Gelderloos | Sep 21 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


The classic depiction of a high school shows a rigid hierarchy, with jocks on top and everyone else beneath them. Such is not the case a...

Senior Survival: Drama Heats Up as Only Four Contestants Remain Engaged With Class

Ben Gelderloos | May 19 2016 | in Humor


The tension is building on Senior Survival, a blockbuster reality TV show starring Fairview seniors in a competition to see who can be t...

Fairview, Monarch Students Peaceably Discuss Rivalry on Social Media

Ben Gelderloos | Feb 9 2016 | in Humor


Before Tuesday’s large game, students from both Fairview High School and Monarch High School engaged in a pleasant discussion on their schoo...

Kylo Ren Forms Army of Identically Dressed Junior Boys

Ben Gelderloos | Jan 19 2016 | in Humor


Reports have emerged the Sith Lord Kylo Ren is amassing an army of junior boys clad in uniform down vests, khaki pants, and boat shoes in order t...

Sophmore Self-Diagnoses Himself With Senioritis

Ben Gelderloos | Jan 19 2016 | in Humor


Sophomore Charles Truman announced to his group of friends on Thursday that he had self diagnosed himself with the early symptoms of senioritis an...

Witnesses Claim Spot of Right Angle Corner in the Halls of Fairview

Ben Gelderloos | Nov 10 2015 | in Humor


The Royal Banner confirmed with witnesses yesterday that they believe they spotted a rare 90-degree angle corner along the walls of Fairview. If t...

Breaking News: Test Next Period Really Hard, Expect the Worst

Ben Gelderloos | Oct 27 2015 | in Humor


The students of teacher Margaret Govnovski’s 7th period class have been hysterically cramming last minute information this lunch in preparation fo...

Election System Transitions to Online Ballot

Ben Gelderloos | Mar 20 2015 | in Student News

Voting is currently live for student body elections on the Fairview website. This is the first election in which students have voted online outsid...