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Ben Gelderloos - Alumnus

The 10 Real Reasons Why Students Are Proud to be a Knight (Tonight)

Ben Gelderloos | Nov 5 2014 | in Humor

Fairview boast many successful sports teams, strong academics, and a positive community, but when it comes down to it, being proud to be a knight ...

AP US History Teachers on the New Curriculum

Ben Gelderloos | Oct 6 2014 | in Student News

This year, College Board created a new curriculum for AP US History, a class that Leigh Campbell-Hale and Scott Peoples teach at Fairview. In rece...

Students’ Cars Tagged at Recht Field During Homecoming Game

Ben Gelderloos | Oct 2 2014 | in Student News

At Fairview’s homecoming football game against Poudre, seniors Bridget Hoag and Sierra Asmussen returned to their cars parked near Recht Field to ...

Freshman Found Alive After Three Weeks

Ben Gelderloos | Sep 28 2014 | in Humor

Freshman Anthony Knightly emerged into the student center after four weeks surviving against all odds in the 300 hallway.   Emerge...