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Benjamin Tarasewicz - Alumnus

Student Spotlight: Emeshe Amade

Benjamin Tarasewicz | Jan 6 2016 | in Student News


I interviewed senior Emeshe Amade (Eme for short) and discovered her dad and his family are Hungarian. I asked her how Christmas and birthdays ar...

Jokes of the Week: December 8th

Benjamin Tarasewicz | Dec 8 2015 | in Humor


What do you get if you cross a policeman and an alarm clock? A crime watch! How did the runaway barber escape from the police? H...

Jokes of The Week 11-4

Benjamin Tarasewicz | Nov 6 2015 | in Humor


Why did the cookie go to a clinic? Because it felt crummy! Why did the head football coach go to the bank? He wanted his quarterb...

A Learning Experience That Will Make You Laugh

Benjamin Tarasewicz | Nov 6 2015 | in Humor


I interviewed the Fairview Dean of Students, Jim Lefebvre. He shared with me a story, both sad and funny at the same time. It was about a day th...

Jokes of the Week: October 28th

Benjamin Tarasewicz | Oct 28 2015 | in Humor


What does a hungry mathematician eat? A square meal! Where do knights keep their armies? In their sleevies! Wha...

Jokes of the Week: October 21st

Benjamin Tarasewicz | Oct 20 2015 | in Humor


What happens when you cross an eagle and a skunk? You get an animal that stinks to high heaven! Which building has the most stories...

Stories That Will Make You Laugh

Benjamin Tarasewicz | Sep 23 2015 | in Humor


I am out of commission these days as I injured my knee. So, I’ve been hanging out in my “temporary nursing home” (resting on the sofas of the mai...