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Braedon O'Callaghan

Braedon O’Callaghan is a hard working student at Fairview High School who is now a first year member of the Royal Banner. He loves to write lengthy and boring stories and can’t spell to save his life. His life revolves mostly around school and Dota 2, two massively time consuming things which compete for time and brainpower pretty much 100% of the time. This year Braedon is hoping to improve his journalistic writing (which is practically non-existent) and social skills to better fulfill the needs of the Royal Banner.

Stories by Braedon:

Is Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Right to Sue President Obama?

Braedon O'Callaghan | Jan 13 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh is a 15 year old from Boulder that is helping James Hansen to sue Obama. Tonatiuh and his group, calling themselves the Eart...

The School Board Candidate Forum

Braedon O'Callaghan | Oct 26 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


In BVSD there is a school board that decides and votes on legislation for the superintendent to carry out, and there is currently a chair on this ...

One Out of Fifty-Four: How Many Students Are Aware of School Board Elections?

Braedon O'Callaghan | Oct 5 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


BVSD is a school district of about 30,000 students in 56 schools. This year it is having an election regarding its future, and things aren’t looki...

What You Need to Succeed

Braedon O'Callaghan and Dvir Goldman | Sep 23 2015 | in Student News


In this increasingly competitive world, students need to learn how to achieve their goals in relation to careers. The school obviously wants to t...