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Cameron Walsh - Alumnus


Cameron Walsh | Jan 11 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


Each day, hundreds upon hundreds of people sit down with friends and family, recounting stories from days prior. Stories of horror, war, love, an...

Stress and Success: The IB Diploma

Cameron Walsh and Emma O'Leary | Sep 16 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


“I decided not to do the diploma because it’s a massive waste of time,” senior Andrew Thorson said about the IB Diplom...

Asking to Homecoming

Michal Olesiak and Cameron Walsh | Oct 5 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


Signs, flowers, spotlights, nothing is too extravagant if she says yes. Homecoming is where guys and girls can meet and enjoy themselves in a muc...

JV Poms

Michal Olesiak and Cameron Walsh | Sep 21 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


At every homecoming assembly a group of senior men gathers and dresses up as women, mimicking the Poms team in performance. This group is named th...

American Sniper: Under Heavy Fire

Cameron Walsh | Feb 23 2015 | in Arts & Culture

The movie “American Sniper” has come under heavy controversy for its resounding message of patriotism and blurring the line between hero or murder...

The Interview Review

Cameron Walsh | Jan 21 2015 | in Arts & Culture

When you combine tigers, assassination plots, and Katy Perry’s “Firework”, you can already tell you’re in for a very controversial movie. From th...

On The Slope

Cameron Walsh | Dec 15 2014 | in Sports

For students here at Fairview and along the Rocky Mountains, skiing and snowboarding is a natural part of life. And then there are those that tak...

The Calm Before the Storm

Cameron Walsh | Oct 15 2014 | in Student News

  Every day, more than 2000 students arrive at Fairview High School, each one leading a different life, walking to their various classes. ...