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Grace Hedlund - Alumnus

Club Spotlight: Rock Climbing Club

Grace Hedlund | Dec 6 2016 | in Sports


The Rock Climbing Club is exactly what it sounds like, a whole lot of climbing.   They clim...

Students Walk Out in Protest of Presidential Election Results

Sara McCrea and Grace Hedlund | Nov 9 2016 | in Student News


At 1:30, hundreds of Fairview students walked out of their fifth period classes to protest the results of the presidential election.

Croc On!

Chloe Cope and Grace Hedlund | Oct 19 2016 | in Student News


During the Homecoming assembly, Terence Reilly, the Chief Marketing Officer of Crocs, donated a generous check to Fairview, in honor of ...

The Body Project

Grace Hedlund | May 13 2016 | in Student News


The Body Project is a four week long workshop that helps adolescent girls promote a healthy body image, and to spread acceptance throughout Fairvi...

Breaking The First Rule Of Phyte Club

Grace Hedlund | Feb 9 2016 | in Student News


Phyte Club is an opportunity to garden, become educated about plant biology and encourage a self sustainable lifestyle.  

The Legend Of Model UN

Grace Hedlund | Jan 29 2016 | in Student News

The Model United Nations club went to the conference in New York three years ago, which is a great opportunity to compete against other model UN s...

Senior Selected For All National Honor Choir

Grace Hedlund | Dec 9 2015 | in Arts & Culture

Both this year and last year, The All National Honor Ensembles selected senior Jessie Bolger to be in their mixed choir. The NAfME are or...

Amigos Immersion Program

Grace Hedlund | Oct 30 2015 | in Student News


Eager to travel abroad? Help the less fortunate? Experience new cultures? Step out of your comfort zone? The Amigos program helps student...

Grading Grades: GPA's Affect On Fairview Students

Sara McCrea and Grace Hedlund | Sep 20 2015 | in Student News

Teachers have been starting to put numbers into Infinite Campus, but different members of the Fairview community are starting to debate the value ...