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Harrison Young - Alumnus

The Frustration of Sports Dynasties

Harrison Young | Jan 19 2016 | in Sports


When the New York Yankees (MLB), Duke Blue Devils (College Basketball), New England Patriots (NFL) or Alabama Crimson Tide(College Football) play ...

Carlo Kemp Ready to Take On College Football at Michigan

Harrison Young | Jan 12 2016 | in Sports


A four star nationwide recruit and number one recruit out of Colorado, Carlo Kemp has made his decision, and the decision is the University of Mic...

Drug and Alchohol Usage During Social Events

Arvand Aidun and Harrison Young | Oct 2 2015 | in Student News


There are countless events held at Fairview, all of which give students an opportunity to either drink before or after them. Principal Don Stensru...

College Football Playoff

Harrison Young | Jan 14 2015 | in Sports

When hasn’t there been a problem with how the college football national champion is decided? The Bowl Championship Series, BCS, (1999-2014) never ...

Fairview Football Playoff Recap

Harrison Young | Dec 2 2014 | in Sports

Another success season of Fairview Knights Football is in the books. The past two seasons have been nothing but dominance having an overall 23-2 r...

Fantasy Football Trends at Fairview

Harrison Young | Nov 4 2014 | in Student News

Whether you support Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers, fantasy football is an established trend across Fairview.   “Some people are ...

Football Playoff Recap

Harrison Young | Nov 4 2014 | in Sports

The second seeded Fairview Knights took on the Castle View Sabercats last Friday winning 41-21. Although the score may indicate an easy win for th...

Football Game Start Times - What's the Real Story?

Harrison Young | Oct 6 2014 | in Sports

Many Fairview students immediately assumed there was one reason to the football game start times were changed: to keep all the drinking, drugs an...

Pre-game Rituals- Superstitions for Winning a Game

Harrison Young | Sep 26 2014 | in Sports

If you’re an athlete, you probably have some sort of ritual you consistently do before each game. However weird, crazy, or nutty it may be, you st...