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Henry Larson - Podcast Editor and Humor Section Editor

Creator of the FHS Publications Podcast, The Knight Show. 

Indebted to all of these awesome people at FHS Pubs.

Stories by Henry:

BREAKING: EIC Resignations

Henry Larson | Apr 19 2018 | in Humor


Breaking news struck the Royal Banner newsroom this morning as Co-Editor-in-Chief Molly Box resigned after information was released in t...

A New Report Finds that the Humor Section Editor is just a Robot

Henry Larson | Apr 5 2018 | in Humor


A new report finds that The Royal Banner’s humor section editor is really just an annoying robot that nobody cares about.

Coming Soon: Your Voices on Parkland and Protests

Henry Larson | Mar 15 2018 | in Multimedia


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A Review of the Oscars

Henry Larson | Mar 13 2018 | in Humor


Recently the renowned Oscars were held in Hollywood. Here is the Royal Banner’s review of the top 3 films:   ...

The Knight Show: Episode 5 Edden Rosenberg

Henry Larson | Mar 5 2018 | in Multimedia


The Knight Show returns with part 3 of Emi Ambory's series on music and culture at Fairview, "Tune In" Listen on iTunes or on htt...

Students create new "Miracle Burger"

Henry Larson and David Hirschhorn | Mar 2 2018 | in Humor


DENVER, CO - A team of students in 5th period IB Biochemistry/Independent Study class have announced their latest project, a Dairy free...

Record Turnout at Knight's Basketball Game

Henry Larson | Feb 26 2018 | in Humor


BOULDER, CO—At the Coors Events Center last night, the Fairview Knights and the Boulder Panthers squared off in an intense match o...

Fairview's Response to Parkland, Florida

Henry Larson | Feb 22 2018 | in Student News


On February 14th, 2018, a gunman entered a school in Parkland, Florida and proceeded to kill 17 students and teachers. ...

"Gran Hotel" is Back on Netflix

Henry Larson | Feb 5 2018 | in Humor


PREVIOUSLY: On November 15th, 2017, Netflix made the horrible mistake of removing the Spanish Soap Opera “Gran Hotel” from t...