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Laura Brack - Alumnus

"Power Rangers" Was Actually Good Somehow

Laura Brack | May 9 2017 | in Arts & Culture


I love “Power Rangers.” And I don’t just mean that in an “oh, wow, what a neat show I watched ...

Preview: Letter From the Editors

Laura Brack, Sara McCrea and Ben Gelderloos | Apr 4 2017 | in Opinion & Politics

Rich. Privileged. White. Subaru-owner. Most of us have heard this stereotype that supposedly defines Fairview. Yet these words can not d...

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" Review

Anya Aidun and Laura Brack | Feb 3 2017 | in Arts & Culture


This review contains spoilers.   It’s been six years since the release of “Harry Potter And T...

Five 2016 Movies That You Didn't See (But Totally Should've)

Laura Brack | Jan 17 2017 | in Arts & Culture


I tried really, really hard to make this spoiler free. Let’s be ...

"Doctor Strange" Brings The Magic To The MCU

Laura Brack | Dec 14 2016 | in Arts & Culture


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had some ups and downs over the years, but 2016 has been a great year for them so fa...

Bastille Review

Laura Brack | Nov 1 2016 | in Arts & Culture


Bands I like have a tendency to do this awesome thing where, when they’re touring, they don’t even come t...

"Captain America: Civil War" Is The Best Marvel Movie Ever

Laura Brack | May 17 2016 | in Arts & Culture


There have been live-action movies made based on Marvel comics characters for 30 years. In that time, there have been some pretty terrib...

How To Watch The MCU, Part 1

Laura Brack | Mar 17 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This guide contains spoilers. It’s not really supposed to, but it kind of does.   ...

"Race" vs. "Eddie The Eagle"

Laura Brack | Mar 11 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This review contains spoilers. This year, the world’s gonna have an Olympics. It’s not un...