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Maya Jayachandra - Alumnus

Better 2015 Resolutions

Maya Jayachandra | Dec 15 2014 | in Humor

Everyone knows that New Year's resolutions are the most useless, ignored rules humans have ever come up with. In fact, if someone resolves to ...

Jefferson County: Disgraceful Student Behavior

Maya Jayachandra | Oct 3 2014 | in Humor

Jefferson County students made national news days ago when they walked out of schools in protest of the conservative school district stating that ...

Packing for College

Maya Jayachandra | May 23 2014 | in Humor

Many FHS students are planning on attending college in the fall, and packing for something so big can be a huge challenge. Here's a handy-dand...

S.O.S. Sticky Note Rivals Planning Revenge Strike

Maya Jayachandra | Apr 14 2014 | in Humor

BREAKING NEWS: In light of the sticky notes adorning the school last Wednesday, courtesy of Sources of Strength, a threat has been issued to all o...

How To Drive In Snowy Conditions: The Insanely Helpful, Completely Accurate Guide

Maya Jayachandra | Jan 8 2014 | in Humor

Ice See those suspiciously shiny patches on the road that everyone else seems to be skirting around? Those are perfectly safe. Beyond safe. ...

Fairview's Own Social Media Guru

Maya Jayachandra | Oct 30 2013 | in Humor

Janey Holland, a Fairview student with a whopping total of 38 Twitter followers and a particularly impressive vocabulary, has to be one of the mos...

FHS students talk about the flood: An Interview with Eme Amade

Maya Jayachandra | Oct 6 2013 | in Student News

At 1AM on Wednesday September 11th, Jamestown resident and sophomore Eme Amade's family got a call from the police telling them to evacuate th...