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Michal Olesiak - Alumnus

The Royal Banner's Spring Break Mixtape

Dvir Goldman, Evan Derby and Michal Olesiak | Mar 18 2016 | in Arts & Culture


This playlist mixtape can be listened to on s Sp...

#HashtagActivism: Is It Really Activism?

Michal Olesiak | Mar 9 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


#Kony2012. #BringBackOurGirls. #BlackLivesMatter. Hashtag Activism has developed into a global phenomenon only recently, but has already created a...

Colorado Democracy Challenge Registering Students to Vote

Michal Olesiak and Dvir Goldman | Mar 2 2016 | in Student News


Until Thursday of this week, the Colorado Democracy Challenge (CODC) will be set up in the student center to register anyone who is 16 years or ol...

Tissue Mafia Gains Control of Fairview Tissue Market

Michal Olesiak | Feb 3 2016 | in Humor


It used to be plato o plomo (silver or lead), but now during a peak sick season, it has become tissue or lead. Due to necessity ...

PSAT Now on a Wednesday

Michal Olesiak and Dvir Goldman | Oct 27 2015 | in Student News


For the first time in Fairview High School history, the PSAT has been moved from Saturday to Wednesday. This change in scheduling has caus...

Feel the Bern

Michal Olesiak | Oct 21 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


There wasn't a cloud in sight as the sun beat down on the 10,000 people crowded into Potts Field at CU on Saturday the 10th. At two o'cloc...

Asking to Homecoming

Michal Olesiak and Cameron Walsh | Oct 5 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


Signs, flowers, spotlights, nothing is too extravagant if she says yes. Homecoming is where guys and girls can meet and enjoy themselves in a muc...

JV Poms

Michal Olesiak and Cameron Walsh | Sep 21 2015 | in Opinion & Politics


At every homecoming assembly a group of senior men gathers and dresses up as women, mimicking the Poms team in performance. This group is named th...