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Molly Box - Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Molly has been in newspaper for three years, and it has been her favorite part of high school. It has inspired her to pursue journalism as a career. She loves newspaper and the whole publications family very much. 


Stories by Molly :

What Happened to Ronn and Jeff?

Molly Box | Feb 13 2018 | in Student News


Ronn Saleem and Jeff Jones are an integral part of our community, conversing with students and greeting Knights at the door. When they s...

Solutions To Drinking And Drugs At Dances

Molly Box and Kate Martin | Sep 21 2016 | in Student News

Whether it’s the homecoming dance or the crowded informals, stories circulate through the dance floor about who drank what or who’s o...

February Issue Teaser: Five Years and Counting

Molly Box | Feb 10 2016 | in Student News


_The following is a teaser for the February "Relationship" issue of the Royal Banner. The article is titled "5 Years and Counting" by Molly Box._ ...

Girls Basketball Midseason Update

Molly Box | Jan 27 2016 | in Sports


One group of girls, with one goal, on one team. The Fairview girls’ basketball team’s unity is embodied by the single clap they do at the end of e...

Teachers Implement Pronoun Awareness

Jot Kaur, Molly Box and Rachel Grushan | Sep 22 2015 | in Student News

Last spring, some Boulder Valley School District teachers participated in a social justice presentation for faculty geared towards making change...