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Nate Bilbrey - Webmaster

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Stories by Nate:

Google User Leaves Bad Review for Fairview

Nate Bilbrey | Jan 31 2017 | in Humor


Students were astounded Monday morning to find a one-star review of Fairview on Google. This review, written by Cole Kliment, was poste...

Proposal to Recognize Ramp Climbing Efforts

Nate Bilbrey | Jan 13 2017 | in Humor

Fairview students have only five minutes between classes to complete a long, treacherous trek up a steep slope, crowded with hundreds o...

New Social Media App Beme

Nate Bilbrey | May 17 2016 | in Student News


The social media app Beme has recently been released on the major app distribution platforms. It seems to be gaining traction, but not m...