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Noah Finer - Co-Editor-in-Chief

Noah Finer is a photographer, designer, web developer, and Co-Editor-In-Chief. He maintains two photography Instagram accounts, his main one (@noahfiner) and one for his two lizards who are both named Spiky (@spiky1and2).


Stories by Noah:

Change Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer | Apr 18 2018 | in Multimedia


Noah apologizes for this spot the difference ahead of time.   1) A student in the middle is missing a watch 2) "Team ...

Red Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer | Mar 6 2018 | in Multimedia


1) A Fairview logo shorts to the right side are gone and replaced with an RB logo 2) The orange Gatorade box i...

Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer | Dec 13 2017 | in Multimedia


1. The headband on the student near the front now says "The Lance" 2. The sign now says "us" instead of "you" 3. The student near ...

Kindness Issue Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer and Carter Hanson | Dec 7 2016 | in Multimedia


SPOILERS BELOW! Don't read this article until you have finished (or given up on) the spot the difference in the new Kindness I...

Student Stuck in 600 Hallway Intersection for Two Hours

Noah Finer | Oct 26 2016 | in Humor


Freshman George White was rescued fifth period in the 600 hallway intersection last Thursday after lying on the ground for over two hour...

Election Spot the Difference Answers

Noah Finer and Carter Hanson | Oct 13 2016 | in Multimedia


  SPOILERS BELOW! Don't read if you haven't tried the spot the difference yet in the election issue! &nbs...

Trump and Hillary's Fairview Adventure

Noah Finer and Cormac Dowling | Oct 12 2016 | in Multimedia



A Proposal to Further Secure BVSD Emails

Carter Hanson and Noah Finer | Sep 19 2016 | in Humor


In early August, BVSD updated all student account usernames, changing them to not include student IDs due to security concerns. This cha...

Proposal for a Quarter-Second-Video-Sharing App

Noah Finer | May 27 2016 | in Humor


Vine has always been a prominent app for sharing only six seconds of content to the world and has grown tremendously. With new introduct...