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Noah Finer - Co-Editor-in-Chief

Noah Finer is a photographer, designer, web developer, and Co-Editor-In-Chief. He maintains two photography Instagram accounts, his main one (@noahfiner) and one for his two lizards who are both named Spiky (@spiky1and2).


Stories by Noah:

Madness Issue 'Spot the Difference' Key

Noah Finer | Mar 28 2016 | in Student News


SPOILERS BELOW! Don't read unless you have taken a looked at the spot the difference in Royal Banner's new Madness Issue.  

Belief in Magical 'Trash Disappearance God' Rapidly Spreading

Noah Finer | Mar 16 2016 | in Humor


A new religion called “Garbanism” has been reported rapidly spreading around students eating lunch within Fairview in which ...

How to Get More Snow Days

Noah Finer | Mar 2 2016 | in Humor


This year, students have received a record amount of snow days in recent history for the BVSD district. Previously, it had been unheard of to rece...

Teacher Confuses Student's Essay with Doctor's Note

Noah Finer | Feb 4 2016 | in Humor


Senior Winston Perez was confused when he was excused from class last Monday for a doctor’s note that he never knew about. Mr. Salazar, Perez’s I...

A Late, Late Start

Noah Finer | Jan 25 2016 | in Humor


BVSD has been debating changing Fairview’s starting time from 8:05 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. or 8:45 a.m. For me, though, the time seems absolutely unreas...

How to Improve the Bathrooms

Noah Finer | Nov 6 2015 | in Humor


Fairview’s bathrooms are incredibly strange and have been for an uncountable amount of time. But now is the time for change. Many students have vo...

A Better Use for Bond Money

Noah Finer | Sep 23 2015 | in Humor


Dear administration, Around a year ago, voters passed BVSD’s capital construction bond issue putting $576.5 million to the district’s scho...