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Patrick Stachniak - Alumnus

The Ethics of Cheating

Patrick Stachniak | Feb 6 2017 | in Opinion & Politics


Fairview is always on the lookout for violators of the academic honesty pledge, including the use of a survey by NHS to anonymously fin...

Choir Performs at the Buell Concert Hall

Patrick Stachniak | Nov 4 2016 | in Arts & Culture


Saturday, October 15th, the choir performed at a concert at Denver center for Performing Arts, in the Buell Hall, with the Annie Moses b...

Senior Starts Clown Hunting Club

Patrick Stachniak and Arvand Aidun | Oct 31 2016 | in Humor


Local senior Jacob Sterling started the Clown Hunting Club last week, a club dedicated to the defense of the school from the onslaught o...

Moronic Class Misinterprets a Crime as Comedy

Patrick Stachniak | Oct 12 2016 | in Humor


This past Friday, a class in the 600 hall laughed at noises outside the hall, as usual, just as a freshman was mugged outside their door...

Clique Culture

Patrick Stachniak and Ben Gelderloos | Sep 21 2016 | in Opinion & Politics


The classic depiction of a high school shows a rigid hierarchy, with jocks on top and everyone else beneath them. Such is not the case a...