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Ryan Swerdlin - Co-Entertainment Section Editor

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Stories by Ryan:

Jaden Hoechstetter: Fairview's Newest Rap Talent

Ryan Swerdlin and Arvand Aidun | Feb 5 2017 | in Student News


Junior Jaden Hoechstetter: advanced st...

English Teacher Challenging Traditional Grading Methods

Chloe Cope and Ryan Swerdlin | Sep 26 2016 | in Student News


English teacher Angela Hunt is reducing the importance and stress of grades by replacing them with other forms of grading, as well as co...

The Definition of "Terrorism"

Arvand Aidun and Ryan Swerdlin | Mar 17 2016 | in OP-ED


Acts of terrorism have become a staple in the news and have been rapidly increasing in size and severity due to terrorist organizations ...

Trailer Reviews: Best Picture Nominees

Ryan Swerdlin and Arvand Aidun | Mar 2 2016 | in Arts & Culture


“The Revenant”- The trailer for “The Revenant” is a thrilling one including fighting scenes and well used imagery to develop a se...

"The People Issue" Teaser: Jeff Jones

Ryan Swerdlin | Dec 10 2015 | in Student News


He has saved lives by disarming a student who had a 9mm. He has saved a girl that was drowning in a creek. He has had a ceremony ...

Mindfulness Introduced In Classes

Ryan Swerdlin | Sep 29 2015 | in Student News


This year, mindfulness has been incorporated into some classes at Fairview as a way to help calm students down, and learn in a more focused and re...