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Sara McCrea - Alumnus

Preview: Letter From the Editors

Laura Brack, Sara McCrea and Ben Gelderloos | Apr 4 2017 | in Opinion & Politics

Rich. Privileged. White. Subaru-owner. Most of us have heard this stereotype that supposedly defines Fairview. Yet these words can not d...

National Honor Society Silent Auction

Sara McCrea | Feb 7 2017 | in Student News

Fairview High School National Honor Society is hosting their 2nd annual ...

Bomb Threat Scares The Masses

Carter Hanson and Sara McCrea | Jan 13 2017 | in Student News

On Thursday January 12th, Boulder Police conducted searches at FHS after the discovery of a bomb threat in the bathrooms located in the ...

8 Ways to Stop the College Talk

Sara McCrea | Dec 7 2016 | in Humor


Hey seniors! Have you started to dread family events? Does talking to any of your parents’ friends, or any adults rather, only res...

Editorial: The Voting Age Should Be Lowered to 16

Sara McCrea | Nov 9 2016 | in Opinion & Politics

In the 1985 cult classic, “The Breakfast Club,”smart and nerdy 16-year-old Brian Johnson is asked why he has fake identifi...

Students Walk Out in Protest of Presidential Election Results

Sara McCrea and Grace Hedlund | Nov 9 2016 | in Student News


At 1:30, hundreds of Fairview students walked out of their fifth period classes to protest the results of the presidential election.

Fairview Alumni Release Teaser for Apocalyptic Feature Film "Fireside"

Sara McCrea and Anya Aidun | Sep 19 2016 | in Arts & Culture


   2016 alum Evan Groover released a teaser on September 2nd for his upcoming apocal...

Music Breaking Barriers: A Sensory Friendly Concert

Sara McCrea | May 16 2016 | in Student News


Sometimes a person’s passion is so powerful that it can bring people together and break barriers. When Benjamin Tarasewicz graduat...

10 Apps To Boost Your GPA

Sara McCrea | Feb 5 2016 | in Student News


Though grades aren’t everything, very few students would dare to argue that Fairview lacks academic intensity. And it while it seems like keeping ...