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Sara McCrea - Alumnus

Shooting Threat at Boulder High School

Sara McCrea | Jan 27 2016 | in Student News


Last night, threats of a shooting at Boulder High School were circulated on social media. The threats were reported by the safe2tell hotline.

Fairview Grad Zoe Benson Releases First EP "Songs from the Basement"

Sara McCrea | Oct 28 2015 | in Arts & Culture


Fairview alumna Zoe Benson released her first EP “Songs From the Basement” on October 13th, 2015 (An EP album is a collection of songs by a music...

Grading Grades: GPA's Affect On Fairview Students

Sara McCrea and Grace Hedlund | Sep 20 2015 | in Student News

Teachers have been starting to put numbers into Infinite Campus, but different members of the Fairview community are starting to debate the value ...

Rejecting the Pain of Rejection

Sara McCrea | Apr 23 2015 | in Opinion & Politics

With the season of college announcements, a different kind of rejection letter has gone viral. When Duke University sent a letter to Siobhan O'...

Why The DUFF Is Not Acceptable

Sara McCrea | Mar 17 2015 | in Opinion & Politics

The historical movie “Mean Girls” defined a generation, but if the newest teen flick follows suit, we should be very afraid. The idea of creating ...

Review of The Oscars

Sara McCrea | Mar 16 2015 | in Arts & Culture

This year, at the Oscar ceremony, notes were being belted and tears were being shed. Though the performances went from confetti, to a monumental m...

An Interview with the Humans of Fairview Photographers

Sara McCrea | Mar 3 2015 | in Student News

Four years ago, photographer Brandon Stanton took the world by storm with his interviews with everyday people walking the streets of New York. Wit...