In Loving Memory of Kian Shanahan


Kian was the happiest and most outgoing person you could meet. He was down for whatever you would throw at him and he would follow thru with it. Kian went with the flow and was up for anything, he was super positive and had a ton of fun. He never complained or wanted drama, no one had an issue with him, Kian would do anything to make others happy. He was a happy camper just coming along for the ride. All of us are left confused and heartbroken but we got to go on for Kian. We all have Kian forever engraved in our hearts and memories as a friend.

I had every class with Kian this year and we would do most of our projects together. After talking to each other we found out that we both dirt bike and 4 wheel. Kian was the first of us to get his license so he had to provide the transportation for a while until the rest of us did. He had a gray 90s 4Runner with a huge black bumper. That was the car that everyone knew as Kian’s. I always loved getting in shotgun of his car and listening to his engine turn as the car starts and then listing to the radio go battery normal, bluetooth disconnect… bluetooth connection is successful . Over spring break Ibrought Kian to Moab with my family. We dirt biked and went canyoneering with Adam. At night we would sneak out and bike around the town of Moab for hours. We would listen to Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Supertramp, Boston, Temple of the Dog and all the best rock bands from the 70s and 80s, and some 90s. On the way back my parents went on a bike ride and we hung out and waited around some campsite. While waiting I went to the bathroom. When I got out Kian was gone. I heard him call my name and then he said “pull out your camera this is funny.” He was in the stall next to me. I pulled out my phone and told him to go (still wondering what he was doing). Then I hear the motorcycle fire up from in the bathroom and then he rides out mellowly like nothing happened and bikes around the parking lot. He would always do whatever he could to make the time more enjoyable for him and the ones with him. It would always be a different adventure every day with Kian and I know he will be missed by me and all the other people who met him and loved him. My day to day life is not the same without him and I will not forget about him and all the great times I had with him.

-Ryder Noble

Kian was such a happy nice kid. He was the best friend you could ever ask for. He was so nice and was always there for me through the hard times. This year I really started hanging out with Kian and became much closer to him. He was truly the most kind kid I ever knew, I am very thankful for the time I got to spend with him. Kian was a legend and legends never die, Kian will always have a place in our hearts and will be remembered for the rest of our lives.     

-Levi Cahill-Miller

Kian was truly one of kind. He was the most kind and outgoing person you could ever meet. Kian always put himself before others, this is something I have learned to value. Kian’s positivity could lighten up my mood in an instant. Kian and I were just starting to get close over these past few weeks and I am very thankful for the short time that I had with him. Kian could brighten up the darkest of rooms with his smile. Kian was the best friend I could possibly imagine. I remember riding around in Kian’s car, we would blast music as loud as we could, we didn’t have a care in the world.  

-Adam Schindler


Kian was the sickest, I remember fishing with him all the time. Kian was always down and was a happy camper. Kian was genuinely one of the nicest kids I have ever met, Kian always put others first no matter what it was. He was truly selfless. I remember when he caught his first bass on his new fly rod, he was so stoked, he brought the same enthusiasm to everything he did. I loved how Kian was so outdoorsy and loved to fish, hunt, and go full turbo on his dirtbike. I am super fortunate to have had Kian in my life. Kian was a Legend.

-Jake Knowlton


Mostly all of the hardest laughs I have choked from were sparked from Kian. I will always remember all of the most fun, stupid, awesome, scary things I got to do with him. Kian was the guy who would always stand up for himself and all of us. He was so humble and cool, he had this really laid back vibe to him that everyone liked.  I have never seen someone with such an awesome future planned out like his. Kian was a mentor to me, a friend, a legend. I’m really going to miss him. We love you.



Kian was one of the happiest and humblest kids I knew. I remember fishing and going to parties with Kian. It didn’t matter what or when it was, he was down for anything and everything. Kian was one of the few people I knew that would put himself first and it’s something I really respected about him. Although I knew Kian since preschool, this year I really got to know him and am fortunate for having him in my life.

-Miguel Gallegos