Trick or Treat Street – Photo Essay

On October 23, Fairview held its annual Trick or Treat Street. The majority of school clubs gathered to design rooms, lead activities, and pass out treats for the neighborhood kids. Here’s some photos that The Royal Banner took that night.

Kids did math to progress and get candy in Math Honor Society’s Candyland themed room. In this picture, the glow of Candyland illuminates two kids in the Math Honor Society room.
A young dragon walks through Trick or Treat Street.
In the National Honor Society’s Aladdin themed room, a child hugs a stuffed tiger.
Outside the Aladdin room, Michelle Lee and Paige Wiemer sing “A Whole New World.”
Many cats don’t like water, but in National Honor Society’s Nemo themed room, the allure of hula hoops and candy seemingly convinced this cat to enjoy the deep sea.
With great power comes great responsibility, and one of those responsibilities was taking photos with kids at Trick or Treat Street! Spiderman (Lucy Ligon) readjusts her mask in Design Club’s superhero themed room.
A young Harry Potter chows down on a he cookie decorated.
Balloons were part of the fun in the Aladdin room. Sophia Hrywnak and Leah Nibarger watch a child keep a balloon in the air.
A young Little Red Riding Hood zooms around in the Mario Kart room.


Anuradha Prakash does Henna for Model UN in the 600s Hall.
Two kids pose for the paparazzi in Red Cross’ Hollywood room.
Lights, camera, action! Kids that went to the Hollywood room could have their pictures taken with a variety of props.