Pop Culture Column #1 – The Sims

Hi! Thanks for reading! In this “column,” we will discuss upcoming or recently released games, movies and other big things in pop culture every other week. It will be formatted like a conversation, but can be read like a column. In this week’s column, we discuss about a new expansion pack coming out for the Sims. We hope you enjoy the column!
– Briana and Jillian

Alrighty, so… (odd devious little giggle) today we are diving deep into a topic that I hold very close to my heart, and everyone knows I do! Because I never shut up about it. We’re talking about the Sims. In particular, the Sims 4 Discover University, which is a new expansion pack coming out on November 14th.

Tell us more about that, Briana.

The Sims has different kinds of packs, and expansion packs are the biggest. They usually — not always — bring a world, new careers, new gameplay, and its retail price is $39.99! That’s why I buy them on sale! Okay, so, Discover University. It’s a really highly anticipated pack. I actually ended up doing my most rebellious act this year for this pack… I left APUSH halfway through to go watch the trailer the moment it dropped.

Wow. So rebellious.

And then I had a minor breakdown because I was in the 600s hall which has the worst connection, so… yeah. Anyways! I had a lot of fun watching it. Okay, let’s just go to the trailer itself. Which you’ve never seen because you’re not a gamer girl like myself (Briana proceeds to laugh at her own not-joke).

Correct. I’ve never played the Sims before. I once watched my friend play it, and she spent the entire time looking for someone rich to marry cause she was poor and sick. That was fun! But yeah, it looks like a fun game, and I’m excited to see this trailer.



How much of this is new?

All of it. Yeah, pretty much everything here is new. That’s new.


Yeah. Wow, seamless cut there. I like the representation between throwing the graduation hats and the toilet paper.

Yes. Throwing away the toilet paper, throwing away your future…



So. The two universities. Let’s get started with the lovely setting we see.

Two very… interesting colleges. My pause there was because I was originally going to say high-def, but that sounded stupid, so…

(wheeze) You’re not wrong though.

Um, but yes. Some cool scenery here, which I’m assuming is all new.

Yes, yes it is very very new to this. The University of Britechester, … old-fashioned-ey college…? The whole “traditional” thing was pretty surprising for the Sims 4. It’s a surprisingly modern-centric game. And then with Foxbury, that’s more kind of expected with what we have, but it takes it into a really cool like almost futuristic…

With all the robotics and stuff…

The ability to live out my evil robot warlord dreams…

But you’re already an evil robot warlord??



Another thing we’re noticing a lot of here — well, Briana’s noticing, I don’t really know anything about this — is all the new gameplay.

Including toilet-papering things, which I am a big fan of.

Yes, that’s our favorite.

I’m way too excited for it. As you may have guessed from my earlier “rebellion” admission, I’m not the most rebellious person out there.

But now you can be! In the Sims!

Yes! I can live out my delinquent dreams as a college Sim! So I’m excited for that, and I’m hoping it’s like an interactive experience? You get to ruin this plaque thing they have, and I’ve dreamt of ruining so many plaques…



So, Sims 4: Discover University!

Coming out rather soon. Hopefully we get this up before it comes out because otherwise that’s embarrassing. If this kind of gameplay looks like something you’re into, and you already own the Sims, go for it! Definitely read reviews once it comes out so you know what you’re getting into and you don’t waste your money, but it looks pretty sick to me…

As somebody who’s never played the Sims before, I would agree, it looks pretty awesome. There seem to be a lot of interesting new settings, storylines, and outfits, and most importantly, toilet-papering. Obviously you should listen to Briana as she’s the expert on this, but I think it looks pretty cool.

Well, we’ve both come to our conclusions, so, that wraps up our pop culture review for today.

Thanks for reading!