Hurt by Short Deadlines, Actors Struggled to Produce Last Year’s Musical On Time


The musical is a fun event every year that was celebrated with a themed spirit week this year based on the musical, which was High School Musical. Despite this widespread promotion, cracks appeared in the production of the musical.

“I thought it was fun. I really like that movie and it was just a fun thing to do,” said junior Quinn Hirschland, who starred as Troy Bolton.

It was a mini throwback to when the actors were young and watched the original movie themselves.

Despite this, there were others who enjoyed the musical but would have preferred performing something a little older.

“It was fun; however, it’s like our third or fourth contemporary musical in a row,” said junior Jordan Lutes, who played a thespian and skaterdude.

Due to the fact that Cupid’s Comedy Cabaret was moved to the beginning of the semester this year, the actors had three weeks less to get everything ready for show time.

“It’s been an interesting thing to see if we can fit everything in with three weeks less,” said producer Janice Vlachos.

The student actors also thought it was a little more challenging to do the musical in the new time frame. While the dances looked polished, some of the dancers did not know the choreography as well as they had in years past.

“[E]specially some of the dances in the show were a little difficult, like the basketball scenes,” said Hirschland. “[T]here were a couple of dances where I was still reviewing them a couple days before the show.”

There were also some other struggles with the different set pieces they performed on.

“[T]hose tables have got that cut in the middle so they can fold up, and so we were dancing on them and it was bouncing up and down,” said Lutes.

Dancing on tables was something many in the cast enjoyed, but it was a little scary at times as it felt as though the tables would break from the dancing.

Despite the different struggles with putting together this year’s musical, the cast enjoyed doing the musical, getting to know new people and building stronger relations with people they already knew.

“[I]t is a good mix of people you know and new people,” said Hirschland.

This mix of people creates a community that is welcoming for everyone. It creates a place where everyone is welcome and can have fun.

“It’s like a community itself, so being in that with everyone else was fun,” said Lutes.