“It’s a great community” Mr. Vila Shares Thoughts on Being a New Math Teacher at Fairview


Mr. Vila and his son.

Laron Van-Allen Gilbert, Staff Reporter

Teaching Algebra I, Pre-IB Algebra 1/2, and Pre-Calc, Mr. Vila is a new math teacher at Fairview this year. 

Vila is enjoying his time teaching at Fairview but he had a long journey to get here. Vila moved from Miami and he is adjusting to Colorado. “It’s a totally different environment, climate, and people. But it’s a good change, I like being near the mountains. People are very active here, people are very friendly. And the seasons have been very nice. In Miami you don’t have seasons, you just have hot and hot,” said Vila.

Vila is very student-oriented and wants to bring out the best in his students. Vila said that his goals were to “really get to know my students, to connect with my students. To help them grow, help them feel more confident about their abilities, and know that they can get better. See them develop as people and as students”. He also wants to join in with the school spirit and “just become a little more entrenched in the school community and become involved in different things.”

Outside of school, Vila is interested in movies. “It’s hard to name one movie, I mean genres I like the epics; Lord of the Rings type movies, I enjoy the superhero stuff, Marvel stuff, Batman stuff. And then just a good comedy or just anything that makes me think, that has a good plot or twist or like Christopher Nolan kinda, Interstellar like those types of movies.” But that’s not all; Vila loves soccer and enjoys college football. “I went to Florida State University and I like keeping up with their football,” said Vila. Florida State recently won against LSU at the very last second, which was exciting for Vila. 

Vila said he has a full-time hobby raising his two-and-a-half-year-old son, “keeping up with him and he’s learning something every day and he’s running around, just playing, he’s a lot of fun. Just got him a strider bike, so he’s learning how to ride that. That’s the main thing right now, my main hobby,” said Vila 

We may have a long year ahead of us, but Vila will be there, guiding us through difficult math classes and supporting us all the way through.

“I love it so far. It’s a great community; teachers, students, administration. I feel very welcomed, comfortable. [I’m] enjoying time in the classroom so far,” said Vila.