School Cafe Causes Criticism and Concern


One of the most common spaces to hang out at school is the Cafeteria. Our school cafeteria has pros and cons, just like anything else. The cafe is where a lot of things happen, including a nice study area, an area for meetings, and most of all, a nice place to hang out with friends.

It is a great space to, “talk to your friends and also you can study here,” said freshman Ellori Crosby.

The lighting is one of the many amazing things about the cafe. The lighting in the cafe was brought up multiple times by different people, including Campus Security Guard Jefferey Jones and freshman Leslie Janecek.

“It has some awesome lighting when the sun is shining bright,” said Jones.

“I like it cause it’s pretty good lighting,” said Janecek.

The lighting makes the cafe more enjoyable and welcoming. The lighting in the cafe is expensive which gives the lighting its pros. The cafe has many advantages, but sadly it also has a few disadvantages. Some disadvantages that students have noticed include things such as space and cleanliness.

The lack of cleanliness is more of a con than a pro according to Janecek and Crosby.

“The kids need to start cleaning up after themselves,” said Janecek.

The mess has been brought up a lot about how the mess comes from the students and not anyone else.

“It’s really dirty and there’s always a lot of food here,” said Crosby. “They need to clean it more.”

Something that should be worked on in the cafe is its size.

“It’s not large enough to fit everybody,” said Jones.

When lunch time rolls around, things start to get pretty crazy. The lunch line has started to cause many problems.

“A lot of the kids cut to the front because it is such a long line on block days,” said Jones.

This is only one of the many problems that have arisen. Another issue is that the lunch line is way too long and interferes with traffic. This is one of the newer issues because of where the new LA halls are located and just how they were designed.

One complaint that was mentioned concerning the cafe is that it is very “noisy,” according to Jones.

This is something that the whole student body needs to work on because kids will go into the cafe to work in peace and quiet, but then kids will come in and be very loud. If we can learn how to control this better, this will be a much better space to work in.