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Losing our jobs
Our childhoods
The election
Our last chance at protection


I’m afraid
Of losing contact with friends
I’ve just made
Afraid of losing a fight
That we’ve already lost
Afraid that nothing will come
While everything costs
The most vulnerable ones


Today, outside, I saw
A bouquet of roses
Kisses stolen
From terror


We open ourselves to each other
We only have one another
The government did not forget us
A system, rather, designed to kill us
To will us into quitting
Because we’re losing


Never thinking
We would be choosing
Above all the terror,
High pitched and narrow
Minded, that the community
We cherish could protect,
Refuse to perish


Refuse our losing of a game
We’re not playing:
Not here for avoidance, survival
We’re thriving, reviving,


We’re losing everything,
Every system that doesn’t serve us,
We adore us!
Beyond biases, barriers
It’s the transmission of anything
but viruses they should be wary of


We are refusing
Refusing that losing
Means weakness
Refusing that losing
Means lost yet


Refusing that losing
Means anything but
Yet to be
Fully ourselves
Fully, healthy, in community

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