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2018 Grammar Results

Henry Larson | May 7 2018 | in Humor


The honorary Grammar Bee was held at Fairview this year, and Benjamin Martin was crowned this year'...

An Update on Renovations

Henry Larson | May 4 2018 | in Humor


A report released on Monday morning announced that a revolutionary kind of classroom tool is being introduced to the school.

BREAKING: EIC Resignations

Henry Larson | Apr 19 2018 | in Humor


Breaking news struck the Royal Banner newsroom this morning as Co-Editor-in-Chief Molly Box resigned after information was released in t...

A New Report Finds that the Humor Section Editor is just a Robot

Henry Larson | Apr 5 2018 | in Humor


A new report finds that The Royal Banner’s humor section editor is really just an annoying robot that nobody cares about.

A Review of the Oscars

Henry Larson | Mar 13 2018 | in Humor


Recently the renowned Oscars were held in Hollywood. Here is the Royal Banner’s review of the top 3 films:   ...

Students create new "Miracle Burger"

Henry Larson and David Hirschhorn | Mar 2 2018 | in Humor


DENVER, CO - A team of students in 5th period IB Biochemistry/Independent Study class have announced their latest project, a Dairy free...

Record Turnout at Knight's Basketball Game

Henry Larson | Feb 26 2018 | in Humor


BOULDER, CO—At the Coors Events Center last night, the Fairview Knights and the Boulder Panthers squared off in an intense match o...

"Gran Hotel" is Back on Netflix

Henry Larson | Feb 5 2018 | in Humor


PREVIOUSLY: On November 15th, 2017, Netflix made the horrible mistake of removing the Spanish Soap Opera “Gran Hotel” from t...

BREAKING: Crisis Rocks the Community

Henry Larson | Jan 19 2018 | in Humor


BREAKING: Shocking news has struck the community as students reel from a critical decision made by a vital company to Boulder infrastruc...