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BREAKING: Crisis Rocks the Community

Henry Larson | Jan 19 2018 | in Humor


BREAKING: Shocking news has struck the community as students reel from a critical decision made by a vital company to Boulder infrastruc...

The Dos and Don'ts for Walking the Halls

Ella Wawrzynek | Dec 19 2017 | in Humor


  Do: Walk...

The Most Interesting Person at Fairview

David Hirschhorn and Henry Larson | Dec 8 2017 | in Humor


Recently, Royal Banner reporters discovered one of the most fascinating and talented students to ever attend Fairview. His name: Gene Mo...

Carter's PUNishment - Weekly(ish) Humor Update 10/24/17

Carter Hanson | Oct 24 2017 | in Humor


1. What do you call a discriminatory pencil?    Eracist!...

Carter's PUNishment - Weekly Humor Update 9/25/17

Carter Hanson | Sep 26 2017 | in Humor


What would Trump call renewable energy?Alternative fracks! Getting more ...

RIP Club Penguin

Arshan Aidun and Ryan Swerdlin | May 1 2017 | in Humor


There comes a time in everyone’s life when someone they love passes on to a better afterlife. Not this time; this time it went to ...

We Should Recognize Ramp Climbing as Gym Credit

Webmaster | Feb 21 2017 | in Humor


Fairview students have only five minutes between classes to complete a long, treacherous trek up a steep slope, crowded with hundreds o...

Google User Leaves Bad Review for Fairview

Webmaster | Jan 31 2017 | in Humor


Students were astounded Monday morning to find a one-star review of Fairview on Google. This review, written by Cole Kliment, was poste...

“Gran Hotel” Taken off of Netflix, Causing Mass Panic for students Enrolled in Fairview Spanish Classes

Emma O'Leary | Jan 23 2017 | in Humor


On November 15th, Netflix made the horrible mistake of removing the Spanish Soap Opera “Gran Hotel” from their website, resu...