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Google User Leaves Bad Review for Fairview

Nate Bilbrey | Jan 31 2017 | in Humor


Students were astounded Monday morning to find a one-star review of Fairview on Google. This review, written by Cole Kliment, was poste...

“Gran Hotel” Taken off of Netflix, Causing Mass Panic for students Enrolled in Fairview Spanish Classes

Emma O'Leary | Jan 23 2017 | in Humor


On November 15th, Netflix made the horrible mistake of removing the Spanish Soap Opera “Gran Hotel” from their website, resu...

Proposal to Recognize Ramp Climbing Efforts

Nate Bilbrey | Jan 13 2017 | in Humor

Fairview students have only five minutes between classes to complete a long, treacherous trek up a steep slope, crowded with hundreds o...

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Carter Hanson | Jan 11 2017 | in Humor


The immortal question, why did the chicken cross the road, was subject to a heated debate last Tuesday when Dr. Maria Schlupsen clashed ...

Fairview Remodeling Plans Unveiled--Eliminate All Windows

David Hirschhorn | Dec 8 2016 | in Humor


Many students have been curious for a long time of what will happen with the extra money that BVSD schools gained through a vote passed ...

8 Ways to Stop the College Talk

Sara McCrea | Dec 7 2016 | in Humor


Hey seniors! Have you started to dread family events? Does talking to any of your parents’ friends, or any adults rather, only res...

Cookie Culprit Part 2

Carter Hanson | Nov 14 2016 | in Humor


A few weeks ago, Jonas Williamswelt dropped a cookie on a reference book in the library. This initiated a heated discussion between the ...

November Issue Teaser - Vermin Supreme

Carter Hanson | Nov 2 2016 | in Humor


  Our November ELECTION ISS...

Senior Starts Clown Hunting Club

Patrick Stachniak and Arvand Aidun | Oct 31 2016 | in Humor


Local senior Jacob Sterling started the Clown Hunting Club last week, a club dedicated to the defense of the school from the onslaught o...