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David Hirschhorn - Sports Section Editor

David Hirschhorn is a Sophomore at Fairview High School. He plays tennis and is a sports fanatic. This is his first year writing on staff for the Royal Banner and he is excited to do so. Besides writing for the Royal Banner, Hirschhorn has his own sports blog, TeenSportsGeeks, which has over 60,000 views year-to-date. If you want to follow Hirschhorn’s blog, you can do so at He looks forward to writing good content for the Royal Banner in his first year on staff!


Stories by David:

March Madness Predictions

David Hirschhorn | Mar 12 2018 | in Sports


February has ended and now the stage is set for March Madness, the greatest postseason sports tournament. For a few weeks, students go c...

Students create new "Miracle Burger"

Henry Larson and David Hirschhorn | Mar 2 2018 | in Humor


DENVER, CO - A team of students in 5th period IB Biochemistry/Independent Study class have announced their latest project, a Dairy free...

Winter Olympics

David Hirschhorn | Feb 27 2018 | in Sports


The 2018 Winter Olympics have come to a close and they were great. Norway finished with the most amount of medals but the U.S. finished ...

Super Bowl 52 Recap

David Hirschhorn | Feb 6 2018 | in Sports


Last night the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles squared off in a game for the ages to decide who would be crowned champi...

Daddy's Home 2 Movie Review

David Hirschhorn | Dec 14 2017 | in Arts & Culture


WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS   Last weekend I went out to the movies with friends and saw “Daddy&r...

The Most Interesting Person at Fairview

David Hirschhorn and Henry Larson | Dec 8 2017 | in Humor


Recently, Royal Banner reporters discovered one of the most fascinating and talented students to ever attend Fairview. His name: Gene Mo...

The Sports Report: How IB Student Athletes Manage Their Time

David Hirschhorn | Dec 8 2017 | in Sports


A great part about our school is how kids are so involved in both rigorous academics and sports.   Junior...

The Sports Report 11/2

David Hirschhorn | Nov 2 2017 | in Sports


The MLB playoffs are in full swing as the postseason is down to the final two teams: The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. Th...

The Sports Report 9/25

David Hirschhorn | Sep 26 2017 | in Sports


This weekend was incredibly eventful in the sporting world. Our topic of discussion this week is the #TakeAKnee Movement. This has been ...