A Letter to my Counselor


Darya Navid, Humor Section Editor

Dear Counselor who is in charge of people with last names that start with N,

I am writing this letter in regards to the situation surrounding my current grades. Specifically, how my teachers constantly refuse to reflect my true efforts in their class through my grades and how they will not, henceforth, raise said grades.

Now some of my teachers may claim that I do not “try” in my classes, or do not “show up” and to that I say: Where are the receipts?

If they point you in the direction of Infinite Campus`, then that further proves my point because I have not logged on to my IC account ever, so how could that possibly have the answers?

Instead of supporting me throughout my academic career, my teachers instead tell me they cannot help me with the questions I have because I “am no longer in first grade” and “should know how to spell my own name.” To that I say, pish posh.

My teachers also insist that “a senior should definitely know not to openly juul in class,” which I cannot disagree with more. My addictions have needs that I must meet.

Attached you will see a list of demands that include me requesting all my grades be changed from F’s and D’s to the A’s that I so clearly deserve.

If my demands are not met, I will have no choice but to continue to repeat my senior year and continue to be a pain to all my teachers for the years to come.

So in conclusion,  I ask you, Counselor who is in charge of people whose last names begin with N, on my behalf, to talk with my teachers–who scare me–to raise my grades.


Darya Navid