Part Zero: Our Intent


Design by Henry Larson

This is the first part in the Banner’s series on sexual abuse.

It’s a part of every school. It’s a part of every student community. It’s a part of every action taken by those affected. 

Sexual violence, assault, and harrasment plague even the most promenient members of our community. It impacts our lives and our livelihoods in ways we can’t imagine.

Victims of sexual crimes are marginalized, and not given the resources needed to report these crimes.

As journalists, even student ones, we have a moral obligation to try and shed light on these wrongdoings. 

The Royal Banner has released our first story in a special series on sexual harassment and assault. We’ll tell you what happens when incidents are reported, the data surrounding Fairview’s history of sexual assault, and the stories of people who came forward, tried to protect themselves, or took action to prevent this culture from spreading.

We can’t fight to stop this alone. We need your help to shine a light on this under-represented issue, to bring back some power to the powerless.

We might not be able to stop this issue, but we sure as hell are going to try.