Olivia Davis – The Life of a Student Athlete



Motivation is what keeps a work ethic.

Senior Olivia Davis plays outside back on the varsity soccer team. Davis said that the season hasn’t started yet, but the team is working on team bonding and working on set plays for soccer. Davis also talked about playing with a flow, which means that the team wants to play together.

Davis commented on getting the team to play together and being connected more on defense than offense. She wants to maximize their spacing and communication.

Davis’ motivation for playing soccer was that “she wasn’t allowed to play soccer when she was younger.” Davis always wanted to play soccer. She said it keeps her in shape and there are no problems with arguing on the soccer field.

Davis has a few words for future soccer players.

“Have fun with the game,” she said. “You’re just supposed to enjoy it and also focus on why you are playing the game of soccer. It’s really important, and do something that makes you happy.”

Davis likes to play soccer\; it makes her happy.

Davis also mentioned the stress of being a student athlete.

“It’s really hard to juggle school, family, friends and soccer too,” Davis said.

Davis ended with it being a big part of her and who she is today. Davis also said she met a lot of great people playing the sport of soccer.