The wellness room empty at the end of the school day.
The wellness room empty at the end of the school day.
Jack Dunderdale

The Wellness Center: A Place to Recharge

Say hello to the Wellness Room! It’s the brand new space in room 853, and they are popping up in high schools all across BVSD. In charge of our room is Tess Amer. Even though it has only been a month and a half, Amer has seen several students already consider it their safe space.

“I think that it’s a nice place for us to eat lunch and also it’s a place to relax and chill out,” said Luca Svolos (12).

So what does the name “wellness room” really mean for students? In short, it’s a safe space that’s separate from the counseling area. The space can be used to work quietly or just to be a place where you can speak freely.

“[What] makes it unique is that I’m here as a mental health professional to check in with students if they need it,” said Amer.

Students like Amer as their mental health professional too. Her presence is a source of comfort in the room. “I think she’s very nice and very welcoming to all students,” said Svolos.

Access to Amer’s expertise isn’t the only resource of the wellness room either. It has plenty of interesting items such as fidgets, weighted blankets, puzzles, and snacks. Plus there are still things yet to come for the room.

“It’s definitely a work in progress. We are going to be getting some more different furniture in here, slightly more comfortable furniture. And then just hopefully getting students to continue to use it,” said Amer.

With its new identity, it’s no wonder why it is becoming a popular place to be. Especially during lunch, where anyone can come and recharge. “We’ve had over 400 kids come so far in the first couple of weeks. So that’s exciting. And hopefully, that number will keep growing as well,” said Amer.

The numbers are growing too. Plenty of students return every day to hang out.
“I’ve come every day, [or] every other day, normally during lunch,” said Monday Ortiz (12).

There are also students who use the room sparingly. ”Well, [I’ve not gone] much, I’ve gone two [or] three times this year,” said Jack Roshkoleitch (9).

The organization that made this possible was a BVSD nonprofit called Impact on Education. “[They] got the funding in order to create these wellness rooms in a bunch of the high schools in BVSD. So there’s one now at Monarch High, New Vista, now here, [and] Boulder High,” said Amer.

Impact on Education, according to their website, is a foundation started in 1983, with a mission to support BVSD. They are doing so by supporting the district in meeting critical needs and eliminating opportunity gaps. The wellness rooms are part of this mission, where they are working toward improving student well-being. For this project, Impact on Education raised $1,150,097, which went to BVSD high schools, starting with Monarch, for Wellness Centers and Mental Health Advocates.

If you haven’t gone to the wellness center yet, go check it out, since that just might keep the room around for the future. “[Colorado University is] hoping to see if wellness rooms are used. [They’re asking] how students feel before and after. So [they’re] hoping to see if wellness centers can be used to help students feel better,” said Amer.

The wellness room is a unique space in the school. You can work on homework, play on your phone, or talk with others. Whether you want a place to chill or are looking for support, the wellness center is a great resource at Fairview.

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