Ellipses Literary Magazine Preview


Sam Pearce, Copy Editor

The Ellipses literary magazine is a student-published journal that showcases the work of the many student writers, as well as artists. The magazine mainly focuses on creative writing as well as poetry.


Have you ever written a story, a poem, a memoir, that you wish you could share with the world, but didn’t know how to get it published? Ellipses is an excellent place to start.


Ellipses is run by a small group of talented and dedicated writers and editors who meet Wednesdays in the 100 Hall.


They collect any and all stories, poems, photos and pieces of art submitted to them by students and consider each and every one for publication. Submissions are published both online and in a print magazine.


“We’re going to put out a relatively small 30-page magazine that I believe is two-color,” said Jaime Rodrigues, Language Arts teacher at Fairview and the sponsor of the magazine. “We’re going to do a print of about 200 copies, and that should come out… before spring break.”


Most everything that isn’t printed in the physical copy ends up being published online, though, so if you submit something at all, you’re almost guaranteed to get published.


“We’re going to publish all of [the submissions] on the website, unless they’re inappropriate,” according to Sadie Boonin, a sophomore and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.


Unfortunately, however, “a lot of people don’t know about the magazine, because… it’s a very small club,” according to Sofia Marti, a junior and fiction editor of Ellipses.


Despite this, everyone on the Ellipses staff strongly believes in the importance of having a literary and artistic outlet for high-schoolers.


“I think it’s important for a high school to have… a place where aspiring writers can be published and feel the unique feeling that being published give a person,” said Rodrigues. “There’s something that feels very uniquely wonderful about seeing something that you’ve written in print that’s not simply a paper that you’re handing in.”


Most importantly, the Ellipses staff needs submissions.


“[Submissions are] pretty sparse,” says Marti. “Submitting can be something that’s pretty scary and vulnerable.”


However, Ellipses staff would like to encourage the student body to submit to Ellipses. The magazine is at its very best when they have many submissions to choose from.


“Anybody who feels even remotely inclined to… submit to the magazine [should] publish what they’re writing and develop a writing practice that guides them throughout their life,” said Rodrigues.


However, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or poet, you will still likely get a lot from even picking up the magazine and flipping through it when it’s printed.


Ellipses intends to bring together the communities of artists and readers at FHS and allow students to appreciate fellow students’ hard work and talents.


“Readers of the Royal Banner and everybody in the school should pick up the magazine… walk up to one of the writers [who are] represented in it and recognize them for what they wrote and the courage that it took for them to publish it,” said Rodrigues. “[Writing] makes you feel unique. It gives individuals, young people, a real sense of purpose and confidence.”


If you have a submission, please send it to [email protected]


Ellipses website: https://ellipses.fairviewhs.org