A Staff Reporter’s Journey to New Orleans


Savana Sheldon, Staff Reporter

I went to New Orleans for spring break. The plane flight takes about 2 hours and 31 minutes. During the flight there was a TV screen on the plane. I watched cartoons, movies, and the news. I also listened to music on my iPod during the flight. I sat next to my mother and ate snacks on the plane.


I went to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. Inside there were fish, sharks, crabs, and jellyfish. There were other animals in the aquarium, such as penguins, turtles, otters, and frogs. I saw fish and mermaid cutouts and a small play place for little kids. There was a toy store in the aquarium and my family bought me toys and an emotion ring.


I stayed in Windsor Court Hotel located in the French Quarter. Our hotel room had two doors and two rooms. I went to Sunday brunch at the Grill Room Restaurant. They played jazz while we ate. In the lobby, I saw pictures of people who lived a long time ago. My mom wanted me to try some of the Cajun food, but I stuck with hamburgers and hot dogs.


I went on a swamp tour with Airboat Adventures. The boat ride was very fast and we slowed down for a minute to relax. I saw some alligators. Our guide fed them marshmallows. I listened to my music while we went on the tour. We all wore big headphones because it was so noisy. At the end of the ride, I drank water and sat in the shade to rest.


I went on the Creole Queen Riverboat on the Mississippi River. I listened to my music just like I did on the swamp tour. I also played on my cell phone during the ride. The boat stopped, we got out, and toured the Chalmette Battlefield. At the end of the tour the boat took us back to New Orleans.


I enjoyed my trip to New Orleans. It was fun. My favorite part about New Orleans was going to the aquarium and seeing the fish. We went back to the airport and got on our plane. My family and I are looking forward to our next trip to Disneyland next week for my birthday.