Games People Play Week 1

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Games People Play Week 1

Savana Sheldon, Staff Reporter

This is a new feature about the favorite games of students and faculty.  These games can include video, board, card, and games played on phones.


About the Author (Who):  I am Savana Sheldon. I am a senior.  Until last year, I was homeschooled. Last year and this year, I have taken two classes at Fairview during 7th and 8th periods. This year, I am taking Catering and Journalism.  

(What) are your favorite games: Monopoly, Candyland, SORRY, Angry Birds,

and Stack the States.


(Where) do you play these games: I mostly play at home, the park and in the car.


(When) do you mostly play:  I play games on Saturday and Sunday at 2:00. I also play whenever

I am in the car.


(Why) do you like these games: I like playing these games because they are exciting, fun, challenging and they make me happy.


I’d like to know, what games you like to play? Contact me by email at [email protected]