How Construction Affects Students


Benton Johnson

The cafeteria underwent renovations.

Benton Johnson, Staff Reporter

The construction has caused the school atmosphere to be constantly changing, making this year start out with a few bumps.


These changes are scheduled to end in two years, meaning complications of new features could be around for awhile. These distractions range from loud bangs and crashes to water dripping from the ceiling to overheated classrooms and to the obvious construction workers walking through the hallways. But are these differences actually affecting the students and staff?


Junior, Maxim Kokoshinskiy, said that the construction is “disrupting class, especially in Language Arts, there are some changes we don’t need.” Such as a staircase removal in the 300/500 hallway.


On the other hand, sophomore Ned Graf and some people like him think that the construction doesn’t affect them during the school day. However, being an orchestra student, Ned said the orchestra needs the auditorium for an upcoming concert.

As for the staff, it’s a different story.


The whole counseling office has moved, causing the counselors, to have more trouble than usual at the beginning of the year. “It is definitely distracting,” said counselor Ashley Houston. “There is no carpet in my office, and all my stuff is in boxes. In the end, it’ll be great.”


All the improvements already made have changed much of the way the school functions. From luch being server at the bottom of the school, to the new hall 100 hall. If these significant changes have only been made in the last half year, we should all be very excited for what is to come.