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Spot the Difference Answers

By Noah Finer in Multimedia


1. The headband on the student near the front now says "The Lance"

2. The sign now says "us" instead of "you"

3. The student near the bottom left's jersey now has an A instead of a B (or 8)

4. The student on the bottom right now has yellow and purple dots on her face instead of red and black.

5. The face paint on the student to the left of the sign is gone.

6. The buttons on the shirt of the student to the bottom left of the sign are both gone.

7. The 5 painted on the student holding the sign is gone.

8. The Adidas logo on the bottom sort of left is replaced with the Royal Banner logo.

9. A student with a green shirt on the top left now has a red shirt.

10. The blue hair to the right of the sign is now pink.

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