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Emi Ambory - Social Media Editor

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Stories by Emi:

Your Stories On The Lockdown

Emi Ambory | Apr 3 2018 | in Student News


Principal Stensrud “The district, with really good intent, tries to get information out quickly. But that just c...

Don't be neutral on Net Neutrality

Emi Ambory | Jan 29 2018 | in Opinion & Politics


Despite the use of the term “net neutrality” recently on the rise, many Americans are still left uninformed as to its precis...

Editorial: Gun Control and Thornton Shooting

Emi Ambory | Jan 13 2018 | in Opinion & Politics


Twenty-nine people were fatally shot in only two of November’s 28 mass shootings.   One shooting wa...

20 ways to relax before, during and after Finals Week

Emi Ambory | Jan 13 2018 | in Arts & Culture


With finals week approaching and another semester until summer break, it’s important to manage your stress and habits to ensure th...

Spirit Week: Kick Off The New School Year!

Emi Ambory | Nov 3 2017 | in Student News


The week of October 9th, organized and branded as “Spirit Week” by Student Council, held a collection of free events accessi...