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Henry Larson, Co Editor-in-Chief

More sleep, better grades and an easier commute are just some of the supposed benefits offered by Boulder Valley School District as a result of a new schedule change being implemented this coming year.

But the plan has drawn criticism for its effect on extracurriculars and creation of longer class times. Sophomore Darren Van Buren was one of the many students to express his concerns. Reporters interviewed him outside his silver 2018 Subaru Outback.

“Well to be honest, I’m quite frustrated. I heard that as a part of the new start time thing they’re going having CAT time in the morning now,” said Van Buren. “I really need that time for, like, going to my car and vaping.”

Junior and IB Diploma Candidate Helen Buchanan also expressed disapproval over the change.

“You see, if school ends at 4 PM, that means my Speech and Debate club will run till 5:30. But then, I’ll be late to my internship at [REDACTED] and I’ll only be able to make it to my piano lesson at 8:30. Honestly, this whole event is really quite a prob– wait, I think I have some chem homework I need to do.”

However, there were a few students who appreciated the change of pace. Freshman Aidan Adams expressed support for these new changes.

“I love it! I go to bed every night at 9:30 and wake up super early to go to school. I’m really happy that I get to sleep in a whole extra hour. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of homework currently and that probably won’t change for a while, right? Right?”

Senior Harrison Monroe also voiced support for the change, “Yeah, I’m not going to be here next semester.”