Senior Thoughts on the Senior Lot


Sydney Rogers

This is a photo of Ayla Nack. She is a senior at Fairview and I interviewed her for senoir lot stuff.

Sydney Rogers, Staff Reporter

Senior Ayla Nack said that she likes parking in the senior lot. “I love the freedom of being able to park in the senior lot.” But she hates how crowded it is every day. She said, “it is hard to park in some of the tight spots.”

Security guards need to look and make sure all kids parking in the senior lot are authorized to do so.

“Some people park in the lot that are not supposed to,” said Nack. “I don’t like how they oversold parking permits.”

The admin team meant to oversell.

Ross Sutter said, “We do oversell parking passes.” The reason is “because many students in the senior class are tech students.” These students may not be at school “for the whole morning, or maybe for the afternoon, so that leaves those spots available. We also have seniors who graduate early.” These seniors “have to come to the graduation ceremony in May, but do not use the senior lot in the spring semester.” There are also “a lot of students that withdraw, transfer, or they go abroad, so we oversell to compensate for those students who are no longer using their spots.”

Nack loves parking in the gigantic senior lot. Her suggestion is, “arrive early to get the best parking spots.”

I talked to Assistant Principal Ross Sutter and asked if we could add a conveyor belt to the end of the senior lot so students would not be late to their classes. Sutter stated jokingly, “we will put that in in the next couple of years.”

However, the traffic can be hard to get through and the administration will put stop lights at the end of every row to help with the traffic next school year.

Sutter said, “this will help to control the traffic.”

For now, people patiently have to wait to enter the senior lot due to heavy traffic.

Nack also complained, “it’s hard to do the left hand turn into the senior lot!”

The Senior lot can be overcrowded right now. Wait till January for the reasons for it to be less crowded!