Volunteers and Administrators Distribute Chromebooks to Students


Henry Larson, Co Editor-in-Chief

In the late morning of March 25th, a group of teachers, volunteers and administrators handed out Chromebooks to parents at Fairview.

Due to Governor Jared Polis’ executive order, which extend school closures until April 17th, BVSD will switch to online learning on March 30th.

The district will move its classes on to Schoology and Classroom, and this distribution is meant to give students access to computers if they don’t have enough access at home.

However, critics have pointed out that Chromebooks require an internet connection to operate, and they don’t have built in memory, leaving an accessibility gap between those who have more powerful computers and those who use district-issued computers.

“We’re handing out Chromebooks so [students] can access online learning on Monday,” said Assistant Principal Rose Lupinacci, who was part of the distribution on Wednesday.

Administrators had parents write the name of their child on a piece of paper and place it in the window, then drive up to another station to sign a wavier and collect their computer.

This is BVSD’s first experience with such a large number of students engaged in online learning. It remains to be seen how effective the next few weeks will be.


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